Transaction eWallet
Sedel Capital offers eMoney, payments and remittance services via a Swifin eMoney wallet. Payments are made by transferring funds from one eWallet to another eWallet.
Payment Card
The Card is linked to an eWallet. The card can be used to transfer money to other Card User, or pay for goods and services through participating Merchants by scanning a QR Code.
Merchant Service
The Merchant service allows businesses to collect payments from their customers, and pay their suppliers and employees. This enables a merchant to turn over capital faster.
Agency Banking
Banking partners enjoy an expanded market, with new revenue streams via branchless banking. New customers can be reached and served beyond existing branches.


Sedel Capital supports financial inclusion through inclusive peer to peer national and cross border payments for individuals and businesses. Customers can transact 24/7 using their own devices.

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